3 Ways your business can use Youtube Cards and Annotations

With the forever changing digital markets pace, Youtube has also evolved into a powerhouse that is an excellent tool for video producers and marketers. Youtube annotations and cards enable businesses to make video an interactive experience, allowing viewers to click through to links and other videos at relevant times throughout their viewing experience. In this blog I’ll be sharing 3 ways on how you can be using youtube annotations and cards to your business’s advantage.

Linking to your website

The days of “links are in the description” are gone…, well not completely, but youtube has created a solution. Setting your website domain to be an associated link on your channel, allows you to link from your videos straight to your site. Google has step by step instructions on how you can do this here. What this ultimately enables you to do is create video content with strong call to actions, increasing the likeliness of an opt-in or even purchase from your viewers.

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Link to Additional Videos

With an overwhelming amount of video content available on Youtube, it can be quite difficult navigate through and find further information on relevant topics. This is where you as a creator can assist your viewers by guiding them to the next most appropriate video(s) for them to watch.

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Merchandise & Crowdfunding site

Youtube has a list of enabled crowdfunding and merchandise sites where video makers can create cards and annotations to allow viewers to make purchases or donations, you can check out the list here. This is especially useful for Entertainers, Startups looking for funding, Charities needing donations or even business who are being involved in great causes

To apply what you’ve learnt,there is tons of information on youtube and google, so be sure to do your research.

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