5 Videos to Reshape your Marketing in 2017

With the New Year upon us, now is the perfect time to evaluate and refresh your marketing plan for 2017. These five video types will help you to blitz some of the marketing objectives you’ve set for the year.

Use of video is set to see continued growth and marketers will be looking at using video to help drive online engagement with their target audience.

The key to effective video marketing efforts can begin with selecting a video that will drive results for your business. We’ve broken down a few video options that may be suitable for you:

1. How To Video

Providing information to customers on your product is vital. How to videos that help customers use your product and offers a unique customer experience.

How To video

2. Social Media Video

Short video updates to keep your followers engaged and updated on the latest news and offers from your business.

Social Media Video

3. Web Landing Video

User experience is key for an effective website. Strategic videos can answer customer’s questions and navigate them through your site.

How To video

4. Branded Content Video

These videos that a purely aimed at audience engagement, this creates memorable experience that solidifies your brand in the minds of customers.

How To video

5. Learning Series Video

A series of videos that teaches customers about your product or service, offers opportunities to build large online audiences and can become excellent lead capture tool.

How To video

Whether you are integrating these videos with your existing marketing or taking that first step, these options are a great way to provide increased results and is something that should be measured over time to determine the most effective strategy for you.

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