How to use a teleprompter Picture

How to be prepared for using a teleprompter

Teleprompter’s are a fantastic tool to be using when filming scripted pieces on camera and are especially popular in the news industry. They reduce the number of takes, cutting production time dramatically and allowing for the talent to easily read scripted pieces while maintaining eye contact with the camera. When you’ve had little experience on […]

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Can I use my smart phone’s camera to vlog?

Producing a weekly vlog discussing the hot topics and issues in your industry, is one of the most trending types of DIY video marketing you can make for your business. It is always advised to hire a professional video company to produce your videos as you will save a lot of time, frustration and money […]

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Questions on Producing Video Content

Video Production: Do you have a Question?

Questions on Producing Video Content With the aim of bringing more value to subscribers we are preparing a series of blogs answering the questions you have on video. If there is anything you wish to learn on integrating or producing video for your businesses, submit your questions below. We will be posting one response per week and […]

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