Choosing your Social Media Advertising Channels

Choosing your Social Media Channels

Where do my customers spend their time?

This is the first question you must ask yourself when preparing to choose a social media advertising channel.

For most, it’s likely a mix between four different social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Although B2B brands assume that LinkedIn would be an automatic choice, some are finding great success on FacebookInstagram.

To drive results on social media, you must focus on more than just finding the channel your audience spends time on. You should also consider when they would be open to hearing about your product.

Determining if Social Media is right for your Product

If you’re confident there are a significant amount of buyers on the selected platform. You will then need to consider if they are on this platform looking to buy or even discover products?

For example, someone on LinkedIn might be purely there for professional purposes and not to shop for new business shirts.

But just because they’re not there for that reason doesn’t mean you can’t persuade them, just understand it will take some work.

First off, you will want to aim for some easier wins such as finding hot buyers on search engines or choosing one channel that works really well.

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Guidelines for Selecting your Social Media Channel

When it comes time to choose which Social media channel you will advertise on, some final questions to ask include:

  • Is your product something people would search for? Google & YouTube are your best friends.
  • Are there particular interests that most buyers share? Facebook is a great way to reach people with the same interests.
  • Are you targeting a particular company size or level of exec? LinkedIn lets you target based on this.

Think of how you can use social media activity, search engine results, website tracking and lists throughout your marketing to target customers at various stages in the purchase journey.

One idea might be to attract customers through search engine marketing and retarget them using display promotions on social media and throughout the Google display network.

Get creative, mix it up and find what truly works for YOUR business.

Start with a Plan for your Social Media Advertising

I hope this helps clear things up and has given you some guidance for choosing the right social media advertising channel for your business.

If you’re looking to implement social media advertising management services, it is best, to begin with a plan.

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