Creating marketing Videos for your Business – SBP Podcast

Creating marketing Videos for your Business will assist you to increase the reach of your social media channels and engage with audiences on these platforms.

Video can also allow you to reduce the costs of reaching audiences using social media advertising, increasing your return on advertising spend.

In this podcast, we discuss what types of videos businesses should be making, where they can get started and some guidelines for video production.

0:30 – Corporate introduction videos and where these should be used. Ensuring you’re producing the right video to drive your marketing objectives.
2:45 – Create social media ads – Driving traffic through your website using short videos attached to social media campaigns.
2:25 – Educate buyers & Publishing Market News – Use social media to provide home buying tips, and help keep buyers aware of market trends by summarising reports.
6:00 – Types of Video Content – Exploring the various types of video including in-market audiences, discovery content videos, awareness videos and reaching customers earlier in the buying process.
9:00 – Why micro influencers are taking over from celebrity endorsements through social proof.
11:00 – Getting started with producing a video for your business: How you can use your clients to create content for you.
14:00 – Using videos to promote events – Why video is important for event promotion and how it can be used.
15:30 – Creating videos using your smartphone – why you shouldn’t be waiting for professional quality and how this can still be effective in creating content from your phone.

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