Digital Marketing Trends you should watch 2019

Digital Marketing Trends to watch in 2019

Why are Digital Marketing Trends important?

Trends are a great way to discover new ideas for your marketing.

Google and Facebook don’t just change things for fun.

Trends generally evolve when something is working for other businesses or is providing a positive experience for users.

In this video I cover a few ideas for new things you can implement in your digital marketing.In this video, I cover a few ideas for new things you can implement in your digital marketing.

Private Groups

Private groups have grown on Facebook’s over the past year with new features introduced.

LinkedIn platform also continues to grow, introducing their own version of LinkedIn groups.

Instagram users are actually using private Instagram pages as a form of private group.

This is all about creating a closed community where you can be continuously delivering content of value to your target audience.

Whether using promotions or how-to videos you should look to use groups as a way of staying front of mind. This is also a good substitute for the traditional format of email newsletters.

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Chat Bots

Chatbots are emerging on websites as a way of reducing customer inquiries as you can create automated journeys that answer frequently asked questions.

A chat bot can save you a lot of time as well as create another touch point for customers to really engage with your brand and start that first conversation.

Social Media Stories

Stories have continued to grow since launched by Snapchat.

This form of content has been adopted by Facebook, Instagram and most recently YouTube.

With its increased popularity and high engagement, you’ll want to use stories as a way of reaching more customers organically.

Find ways your brand can maximize the story format to engage your fans in moments from your brand.

Employee Generated Content

Businesses are moving towards their employees to create more content.

This has been driven by the fact that people trust people and by using employees you can actually get a lot more organic reach on social media.

if you have employees who are a face of your business then I certainly use them to create more content to get your brand out there.

This is also a great first point of contact with your business.

Social Media Videos

Businesses still aren’t leveraging videos in their digital marketing as they should.

With YouTube sitting as the second largest search engine online, there’s still plenty of opportunities to be reaching new customers who are looking for your products.

You can do this with one tool everyone would have…a smartphone.

If you’re not already, I would take action now and beat your competitors to the punch.

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