Venture Melton Event - Video & Photo

Venture Melton approached us to produce video & photo content for the promotion of future events via digital & social media marketing.


The business summit was held by Venture Melton, greeted by nearly 200 business people at the Eynesbury Homestead on Friday 22nd June 2018. The summit focued on the future and how business can prepare themselves for change. The lineup included television presenter Todd Sampson. Event videos & photos are a great way to engage with attendees and to promote future events for councils and organisations.

Venture Melton Business day out - Event Videography & Photography 2
Venture Melton Business day out - Event Videography & Photography 3


With such an elusive lineup Venture Melton wanted to use event videography and showcase the day amongst the business community

Providing an extensive view of the day using photos & video.

Capture impressions from local business owners attending the summit.

Create content to promote future business events.


With such a big event there was a lot to cover, our team ensured we captured all the important moments.

Christine from the Venture Melton team started discussions about the event and content almost 1 year in advance, sharing ideas for what could be achieved.

The team visited the venue before the event to see the layout and co-ordinated with Melton City Council about the days schedule

Capturing footage of attendees entering, networking and listening to speakers. Filming vox-pops before, during and after the event.

Members from the Venture Melton team reviews the vox-pop responses in an editing review session to select the best responses to be used in the final edits. 


A tonne of video content was gathered and highlight reels were produced. This provided the Venture Melton team with engaging content that promotes future events.


With the focus on promotion and social media engagement. The best 20 images that were captured on the day, were turned around in 24 hours, to produce a bank of high quality images from the event.


Are you thinking about event videos? Get in touch and let's begin creating amazing content.