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Challenges that Australian Schools expereince in Marketing

Driving Enrolments

Generating enough exposure with school marketing, within the school zone, to drive open day attendees and enrolments

Students Retention

Retaining students through critical years with school marketing, from primary to secondary years 6-7 and secondary to senior years 10-11.

Local Community Engagement

Using school's marketing channels to stay relevant in the local community and keeping engaged with stakeholders, Alumni and Supporters of the school


School Website - The heart of your School Marketing Engine

For most businesses a website is a lead generation engine. For a school, the website plays a vital role in generating leads, but also serves as a tool for parents, students and staff to use daily. Some common features most school websites should include the following

Content Management System for School Marketing Staff

An easy to use system like wordPress, is essential for keeping up in an agile marketing environment. Updating website content should be as simple as writing nice emails and formatting word documents. Learn more about Web Design

Easy login Access for Parents, Students & Staff

If you have online tools like  SIMON, Parent Access Module (PAM) and Care Monkey. It’s important to give easy access to these ares on your website to Parents, Students and Teachers. Learn more about Web Design

Virtual Tour

A section of the website that is dedicated for visitors to be able to explore. This can be achieved using simple images & video along with creative web design, however can be taken a step further using 360 images. Learn more about Web Design

Online Videos - Supporting School Marketing Efforts

A school can use videos in many areas through out school marketing efforts, the following are some common applications.

Introductions to the School and its Programs

From a general introduction to the school when people visit the website, to introduction videos for every year level and unique school programs, video is a powerful method to engage students in school marketing. Learn more about Corporate Video

Testimonials for Parents, Students & Staff

Positive expereince that Parents, Students and even Staff have had at the school, are powerful stories for engaging future prospects. Testimonial videos can be used in many places in school marketing. Learn more about Corporate Video

Short Advertising Videos

To promote events like Open Days and Scholarship Exams, shorts 15-30 second videos, combined with facebook advertising is powerful getting in front of prospective parents and students. Learn more about Corporate Video


Professional Photos - A must have for School Marketing

From Print, to the Website, to Online advertising, a growing bank of the schools professional images will be useful to have in future marketing efforts

Staff Headshots

With the world of online and social Media, it is common now for parents and students to learn who their teacher will be well in advance to them even enrolling at the school. Professional headshots of staff & teachers will have many uses. Learn more about headshot Photography

School Image Bank – Staff & Students

The most popular type of images that schools requires for marketing, it is important to have a regularly updated bank of images for marketing staff to access when creating promotional content for the school. Learn more about Photography

School Image Bank – Facilities

A large part of parents and students selecting a school is influenced by its facilities technology. Showcasing Learn more about Photography

Google Ads - Locals searching online in the school Zone

Target those searching for terms like “Secondary School”, “High school”, “Catholic School” etc from your zoned area, with targeted ads on google, increasing awareness and reach in the local area


Facebook Ads - A powerful tool in the School Marketing Toolkit

Specifically target Mothers, Fathers and students in a specific geographic location, encouraging them to attend an open day or take part in a similar school activity.

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