Social Media Advertising: Using Video to your Advantage

Social Media Advertising: Using Video to your Advantage

Why use Video in your Social Media Advertising?

Video can help you to capture the attention of viewers and is also effective at driving action.

Not only is the impact of video greater, with YouTube sitting as the 3rd biggest site on the web. You’re also able to maximise a previously untapped channel for the right videos.

It is easy to see why most platforms are encouraging video, this is noticeable to those posting with reach and engagement up drastically for video content.

Facebook Video Advertising Formats

There are various ways that you can use video to advertise on Facebook.

The most common Facebook video advertising formats include:

  • Sponsored Page post
  • Standard format ads
  • Canvas
  • Collection or Carousels
  • Story Ads
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Styles of Video advertising and Approaches

Now there are essentially 3 styles:

  • Glamourising – branded content which focuses on lifestyle.
  • Showing – Reporter style of ads, more about providing information on products and services.
  • Telling – these are direct message and promotions.

You should choose the style that aligns with the point in the customer’s decision making you are reaching them.

For example, if this is the first time seeing your product glamorising will work well as it will build a great first impression and interest them to find out more.

From here you could simply show them your product, they’re interested so they will likely want to see and find out more.

Finally, you want to have a sales call or promotion that tells them when and how to take action.

Reach thousands on Social Media

There are also basic fundamentals that apply regardless of the style you choose.

From our experience producing hundreds of videos for clients, these elements will still apply to you.

  • Grab attention – Short attention spans means you’ll need to capture attention fast!
  • Show your brand early – This can help audiences recall your brand
  • Take control of time – Depending on if this helps them with work, health, personal life or awareness of market products will determine the length you can have.
  • Include a clear CTA – Put your parent’s hat on and tell the audience exactly what to do.

Start with a Plan for your Video Marketing

I hope this helps clear things up and has given you some ideas for social media video advertising you can use.

If you’re looking to implement social media video advertising it is best to begin with a plan.

To make things easier you can use This Video Strategy Planning Template to prepare.

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